[balloon-makers] CAA registry

Roland Escher rescher at rescher.com
Thu Feb 7 07:30:30 CST 2002

Very interesting. Since I didn't get logbooks with it when I bought 
my Cloudhopper 12A in 1999, I thought I would check to see if the CAA 
database held any new clues as to its lineage. This CAA database 
really is very complete. My Cloudhopper, G-BIFC, is still in there. 
It's been de-registered since June 3, 1991, but at least I know now 
that it was first registered on October 10, 1980. During that whole 
period it was still registered to the Thunder & Colt factory. What's 
even more fascinating, is that the reason for de-registration is 
listed as "permanently withdrawn from use", even though the 
Cloudhopper is still airworthy and actually in pretty good shape. Of 
course, since I now fly it as an FAR 103 Ultralight, I don't have to 
worry about annuals and such, at least legally.

Gentle winds,
(stuck at home nursing a terrible cough)

David Barker wrote:
>I don't know where you got that from Micki. (From me, possibly!!).  I've got
>a balloon, G-AZOO, now spending it's time at the British Balloon Museum,
>which is still registered and last had a C of A in 1977.  If you are
>interested go to
>http://www.srg.caa.co.uk/aircraftregister/ginfo_dbsearch.asp and fill in
>azoo on the top line. If you are really curious you could search on owner,
>semajan, and get a current listing of all my toys!

Roland Escher
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