[balloon-makers] Singer machines differences ( David )

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Fri Feb 8 08:56:09 CST 2002

      Bob LeDoux can really help us here. He seems to know the ins and outs
of the old Singers. The 112 is 1940's vintage double needle machine in
various  gauges (needle width). It requires manual oiling approx every 8
hours at certain points. It has no reverse. The 212 is a  1950's vintage
machine with a faster speed, automatic oiler, and reverse and  usually a
larger bottom bobbin. The 212 are  usually twice the price of the  112 ( 112
$400-$600 with table and 212 $800 - $1200 with table)
 Both of the machines can be obtained with a fabric puller at an additional
expense. I believe both can also be used as a single needle machine also
 List?) I have no direct experience with Consew machines but have not heard
anything detrimental.
There is a "new" generation of double needle machines available now on the
used market. They are the used foreign machines (Juki, etc)  This will drive
the price of the old machines even lower in the next year or so.
 Try to get the old issues of Balloon Builders Journal. There was a two part
article by Bob LeDoux on  machines that is a good primer.
 Fly safe,

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