[balloon-makers] newer sewing machines

Keith Sproul ksproul at vger.rutgers.edu
Fri Feb 8 14:53:07 CST 2002

>So, budget considerations aside, what would the new double needles 
>lock stitch machine of choice be? Nice features would include needle 
>pull (I think that's pretty standard), tape feeder, reverse and 
>automatic lubrication. A longer arm could be nice too. What else 
>would you want to have? And which new off-the-shelf double needle 
>industrial sewing machine would you choose?
>Gentle winds,

I saw a long-arm Singer double needle once (only a drawing) but it 
seemed to have about 24" of arm, or something really huge like that.. 
I would LOVE to have that one, but I would bet it would be expensive.

Features I would want:


	Puller (maybe)

	I have the auto-oiler, so that isn't a problem

	Spool feed 'bobbins' 	Changing the darn bobin for
				every long seam is a pain. Changing
				in the middle of the seam is WORSE.

I have seen other types of machines that have 4 spools, 2 for top and 
2 for bottom.  This would be MUCH better..

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