[balloon-makers] Sewing Machine Leads for the List

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The 212 is the newer (1950's) with automatic oiling and a wider variety of
options including reverse needle feed, or not.  The older 112 (early
1940's) is manual oil, with no reverse option, but all were  needle feed.
Both came in varieties of bobbin case size and needle gauges and were setup
for light up to medium-heavy textiles.   When originally purchased, both
112 ands 212 were specificially tailored (no pun intended) for a particular
manufacturing function; they were typically setup for one special function
in a manufacturing production line.

As such, be more careful about getting the features you want when buying
the 212.  You might, for example, find yourself without needle feed.

>How do the Consew machines compare with the Singers?  And this has
>probably been asked before, so I apologize, but what is the difference
>between a 212 and a 112?
>David Tanzer
>Charlotte, VT
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>A few leads on sewing machines.
>(1) Paul Auger has a 212 with a puller. He also has access to newer
>machines. He is very nice and informative. He also has needles for
>per hundred and will split the order ( i.e. 18,21,etc.)
>(2) Jean Arslan has a 112W140 for $400 "in good working order" located
>L.A. California. Arslansew at pacbell.net
>(3) There is an Consew 2- needle machine Model 327RB with table and
>motor on
>EBAY located in Canada. There is one day left on the auction.
>I hope this helps anyone looking for a machine.
>Fly safe,
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