[balloon-makers] Sewing Machine Leads for the List

Don Piccard DonPiccard at usfamily.net
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How about one with a hand pedal or a foot lever?

By the way, the Kneedle on it is the lever that raises the foot!

And a British car has the hood over the passenger's head and the bonnet over
the engine, but the boot is on the behind.

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> Reverse was an option, and extra cost option.  If reverse was built in,
> there were be a right hand lever or foot pedal to operate it.  Your
> probably doesn't have the option.
> >How do you make a 212 go in reverse??  I have a 212w140, and I have
> >no idea how to make it go backwards.. I would LOVE to be able to do
> >that..
> >
> >Keith
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