[balloon-makers] Seam Folders

Tom Deering hot-air at deering.org
Tue Feb 12 07:57:22 CST 2002

It is not impossible to make your own, although honestly, rather difficult.

I made mine by placing a piece of 1/8 inch plexiglas in the oven at x 
degrees for x minutes.  That made it soft enough to bend easily. 
Then I twisted it with a jig I built out of brass stock.  I had to 
make six of them before one actually worked properly, but it does 

 From the end, it looks like this:
       +-------------+   |
       |             |   |
       |   +---------+   |
       |   |             |
       |   +-------------+

(If your email doesn't come in fixed width font, this won't make any sense.)

I have sewn a few yards of 3/4" seams to test, but I have not used it 
in production.  Yet.

Tom Deering

>Auger and Sons, in Rochester NH. Thats where I got my 5/8" folder. Works
>great. Some where in the neighborhood of $156. I can get you the part number
>if you want.

>> Hi List. Does anyone know where I could get a seam folder?
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