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Greg and Mr.Picard,
I appreciate the leads. Greg, I would like a photo copy if possible and not
to much trouble of the Roth book. I will order the flammable gases book and
look for the "Adventure" book as well.
I will have to study the reading material first before I take the
leap(lift?) of gas. Seems to be abit more in depth than my current
experience. The photos of Pleiades are great. Polyethelene and Helium ?
Mylar? Hydrogen? Quite fascinating.
Thanks again ( I'll get to look at all the links tonight).
Fly safe,
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> Curtis -
> No, I don't think you are looking in the wrong place, there just isn't
> much on the web.  There are some things offline and I have included my
> favorites below.
> On the web -
> There is a new site that will someday morph into gas balloon central.
> http://www.gasballon.be/index_en.shtml  Check out today's picture of the
> - that's me on the left, Willie Eimers on the right.  We are one day into
> the 2001 America's Challenge and over the Texas panhandle.
> http://www.ballonbau.de/startlogo.html Ballonbau Worner, the gas balloon
> manufacturer in Germany has a site (in English, no less) that talks a
> bit about their balloons.
> http://www.coupegordonbennett.org/ The Gordon Bennett homepage has
> of all the events - beginning in 1906 - plus a few other things.  Still
> under development.
> http://freepages.hobbies.rootsweb.com/~tlosborne/Articles/  Tom Osborne
> written about his experiences chasing gas balloons from Albuquerque.
> will give you a flavor of what goes into a three day flight.  The articles
> are both detailed and accurate.
> Books -
> The BFA has a publication - Flammable Gases, by Don Overs.  The name is
> of misleading, but it is an excellent publication.  It takes each of the
> lifting gasses (except ammonia) and describes how they react under gas
> ballooning conditions and how they impact flight response.  Available from
> the BFA museum for about $10-12.
> An excellent publication, that I've mentioned before, is "A Short Course
> the Theory and Operation of the Free Balloon" by C.K. Roth, Goodyear's
> gas balloon instructor (at least in 1917 when the book was written).  This
> contains a wealth of information on balloon construction, hydrogen
> generation, and fly performance and techniques.  Most of it still applies
> this day.  There's no discussion about helium, as it was not yet
> I'm serious.  It's definitely not a coffee table book, but if you want to
> know the nuts and bolts, it's a good read.  Curtis, I have a photo copy
> could make one for you if you like.
> Ward van Orman wrote a book - "The Wizard of the Winds" which, among other
> things, described his four Gordon Bennett victories.  I've not read it,
> I've heard good things about it.  Runs $40-50 and usually available from
> Valhalla Aerostation.  http://www.capital.net/com/ltabooks/  Tell them I
> sent you.
> Jambo, by Anthony Smith is an entertaining book about how he got involved
> ballooning and ended up flying a gas balloon over the Serengeti Plains.
> It's mostly story (a very entertaining one) and a little bit instruction
> manual.  Occasionally available on eBay for less than $10.
> That's a start.  Balloon-makers, what have I missed?
> Good Floating!
> Greg Winker
> P.S.  And when you are ready for flight instruction, I have a two person
> balloon we can use for your training.
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> List,
> I am looking for a book on gas ballooning. More of a "intro/technical
> introduction" instead of the "picture/beauty of flight" type. Just looking
> for something to read on these cold nights. Construction , gases
> and non-flammable), flight characteristics, etc. Any suggestions or
> of information would be appreciated .A search of the net produced very
> little technical information or maybe I am looking in the wrong place.
> Thank you.
> Fly safe,
> Curtis
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