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Good question.  Pardon my misuse of an arcane term.   (I was testing to see
if anyone was reading.)

Basically, it is simply a clove hitch around the bunched up end of the
balloon, with the load line through the middle ending in a wood ball or
toggle inside the balloon.  It doesn't pull out and requires no specially
designed end fittings, like my bicycle rims or the machined cones and clamps
or Band-Its used on bigger research balloons.

For a relief duct, a little bit of the hem is pulled out of the bunch - much
like the tail of your shirt being out.  As there is much more material than
actually needed to carry the load, it is plenty strong enough.

Precautions include using protective chafing gear to prevent cutting off the
end of the balloon.  I would draw a horizontal line for guidance.  Maybe
that should be a certain distance from your theoretical load point, so that
it doesn't get hidden in the bunching.

I   like the constrictor knot  form of the clove hitch for this  (Ashley

Keep it simple, smarty.


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> > Load fittings were 24" balloon tire bicycle rims, but a simple
> > "White Sands" load tie off is perfectly satisfactory.
> Pardon my ignorance sir, but what is this tie-off?
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