[balloon-makers] Matlab/mathematica/etc.

Roland Escher rescher at rescher.com
Thu Feb 21 08:21:35 CST 2002


I think the person you're looking for is Tim Baggett. I think the two 
of you discussed AutoCAD, Matlab and Bob Nungester's software about a 
year ago. (See e.g. 
http://www.hombc.org/balloon-makers/msg00061.shtml and other messages 
in the list archive.) Tim used to have some screenshots from his 
balloon calculations in Matlab on his website at 
http://acca.nmsu.edu/~tim/. However, that whole server seems to be 

You might also want to contact Arnaud Deramecourt and Philippe 
Lusley, two French balloon builders who have used computer tools (and 
sophisticated formulas) extensively. If you speak French, see 
http://aerostation.free.fr/mfr/fr/mfr_4.shtml#info for more 
information for some of those programs.


I think Paul wants something where he can do more than determine the 
size of panels based upon a predetermined formula. After all, Paul 
has already built a balloon with the spreadsheet and Bob Nungester's 
software. I would think that he is more interested in playing with 
various formulas, adding to them and crunching serious numbers. 
Compared to an Excel spreadsheet, Matlab and Mathematica are high end 
applications suited for more serious engineering (and other 
scientific) calculation and visualization.


>I've got the spreadsheet, but that is more of an estimating tool. I was
>hoping for something a bit more symbolic.
>Paul Vincent Craven
>paul at cravenfamily.com
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Roland Escher
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