[balloon-makers] Gas Balloon Information

Paul Vincent Craven paul at cravenfamily.com
Sat Feb 23 07:15:33 CST 2002

> Tom is setting me up with a new URL, etc.
> I'll ask Bertrand about the exposure stats.

Cool. I think if you put it together a presentation showing:

*publicity possible
*risks involved
*experience and engineering you have to overcome the risks (Your history and
relation to Bertrand would be great here.)
*milestones, money needed for each milestone

While the exposure would not be as big as a round the world event, you could
probably get the companies name on the news for a few evenings. We could
just look at a list of companies that sponsor racing to get ideas. But
first, you need something good to really sell it.

Perhaps this could be a college class project, to put together the proposal.
An internship or something. You could get free/cheap labor that way.

Paul Vincent Craven
paul at cravenfamily.com

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