[balloon-makers] Keith a pilot?

Richard Rapp vp16 at email.com
Sun Feb 24 22:58:42 CST 2002

News of one of our list members from the lboro list?  Congrats Keith!

Congratulations to Keith Sproul who, on an pretty AM flight in New = 
Jersey, February 24, 2002 passed in private pilot exam! 
Email me for some of photos. 

Fly high and soft and gentle landings to you Keith. 


PS It is also noted in true pilot fashion ( at least as testified by = 
some crew), Keith has lost his sense of direction while on the ground = 
and is rapidly losing his ability to perform manual labor around the = 
balloon. He is also becoming proficient in the standard excuses. Such = 
as " I am busy with Landowner relations" Not the best choice of = 
excuses since we were alone in the field at the time, but many pilots = 
have been know to talk to them selves! :-) 


Win a ski trip!

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