[balloon-makers] Kevlar basket attachments ?

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Tue Jan 15 13:59:54 CST 2002

Looking for opinions on the use of kevlar knotted ( yes knotted ) lines. As
we finish the Barrell Basket we have a choice of using either cable ( as was
used in the prototype) or using Kevlar ( Kev-Kord) rope.As some of you know
I use spliced kevlar line of this type on the my 28000 c.ft. hang balloon.
In our endeavors we have scorched a few lines here and there and the splices
are time consuming to change and mildly difficult to end up with the overall
correct length when splicing both end and the middle. This is particularly
hard to do "in the field".
     We are currently using 5/32 inch Kev- Kord rated at 1780 pounds
breaking strength. New England  ropes suggest using a 15% reduction to allow
for manufacturing differences so that brings it down to 1513 lbs. A bowline
knot wll reduce line strength to 60- 70  % so that would lower it to 907.8
lbs per line.
We use 12 lines in  4 groups of 3 lines. for a gross load of 500lbs.
One line- 907 lbs
Each group- 2721 lbs.
All groups 10,800 lbs
Cables are cheaper, conductive, hard on the envelope when packed and very
flame proof .
Kev-Kord is nonconductive, expensive ( .50 per ft.), smooth and easy to pack
up, and melts at 900 F ( the polyester cover melts at 480 F). I envison a
5/32 Kev-Kord line terminated in a bowline with a heat shrink tubing safety
on the end.
     Any ideas, feelings, pro or con, suggestions or comments.
Fly safe,

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