[balloon-makers] Wireless Temperature Monitors?

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Fri Jan 25 06:02:50 CST 2002

Did anyone pursue the wireless grill thermometers mentioned several months
back on the list. Is anyone using them with success?
Our wired oven thermometer ( previously mentioned ) is working great ( on
the same battery no less) but as we look at another envelope, should we
include a wire pocket from the probe or some special pocket for the sender?
Just wondering as I set at the design table.
Hopefully we will be in the air Saturday morning, God willing with the
weather. The list has been very quiet -  either everyone is building or
everyone is flying ( or like me, mostly working the "real" job ).My wife
doesn't count my shoptime as working - says it is too much fun !
Fly safe,

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