[balloon-makers] Barrel basket update

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Sat Jan 26 16:46:57 CST 2002

Today Bret was able to test fire his T3 burner in the load ring and with the
hoses set up for the pilot and main for the Barrel Basket. It does not have
a backup liquid burner jet yet.The throaty roar of the unregulated T3 is
impressive ( my T3 is regulated at 70 lbs ). We hope to be able to  mate all
of the assorted bits and pieces together soon ( another 30 day project that
is taking six months)! We may use the quick disconnects instead of a
manifold to switch tanks. Does anyone have any experience with this method.
Pro? Cons?
A short flight today resulted in my landing in a stockyard which was vacant
of animals although enough evidence was left behind ( fortunately the cow
patties were semi-frozen). It is times like this when landing on ones feet
may be a disadvantage ( although cleaning ones shoes may be easier than
cleaning the basket ) .
Fly Safe,

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