[balloon-makers] Seams and stitches

Donald L Piccard balloon at juno.com
Sun Jan 27 09:08:39 CST 2002

There is no one rule.  The type and length of stitch and the direction of
stitching will depend on the specific case.  That is why so many
variations have been developed.

Examples  Elongated W-V's vs. Box-X for splicing or terminating loaded
webbing.  Zig-zag vs. double needle on spinnaker and multi rows of
straight stitch on main sails.  (Spinnakers are stretchy nylon and main
sails are stiff Dacron.)

Study the work of sail makers and parachute lofts to see industries that
have perfected load bearing fabric structures.  (I have not been
favorably impressed by the tent and awning merchants.)

So, look at the consequences of your load and pick the right machine and
stitch accordingly.


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