[balloon-makers] Seams and stitches(Thank You)

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Sun Jan 27 19:22:30 CST 2002

Thanks for the explainations. It makes sense now.I look at the 112
differently now. Thank you guys for the responses.
Fly safe,
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> I don't lock the seam at the start or end.  Every seam is folded into
> another seam.  Example, suppose you create a vertical gore by sewing
> horizontal panels together.  Each of those horizontal ends are folded into
> the long vertical seam as each gore is sewn into an envelope.  That fold
> and overstitch effectively locks the horizontal seam ends in place.  The
> tapes that close up the mouth and deflation port have a beginning and end,
> so different treatment is warranted there.  Further treatment is also
> warrented if you run out of bobbin thread in the middle of a seam and have
> to start again.  That treatment is simple:  Pull the top thread through to
> the bottom (bobbin side) of the seam.  Then use a double overhand knot to
> tie both threads together.  Make the knot loose enough so a pucker isn't
> createdin the fabric as the knot is pulled tight.
> When I run out of thread in one of my bobbins, I replace both bobbins.  I
> then start sewing, about 4 inches back from the end of the completed
> seam--that's four inches of overlap of stitching, and tie off the end of
> the end threads, and the ends of the new start threads.
> >Bob,
> >This is a simple question which I've wondered about. How do you lock the
> >seam at the start without a reverse. I have always locked the beginning
of a
> >seam with a reverse at the start. On small  things I have reversed the
> >material but this would be difficult on a gore. I have always used my
> >commercial machine which has reverse and the only machine I have sewn
> >without a reverse is my old  treadle machine ( a mechanical marvel) but
> >on small projects. Is there a technique or method to do this ( or is it
> >needed all the time)?
> >Fly safe,
> >Curtis
> >
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