[balloon-makers] Seams and stitches

Andrew Beattie andrew at tug.com
Mon Jan 28 01:09:05 CST 2002

Tom Deering wrote:
> >I avoid having seams that are parallel to the threads in the fabric.
> >The sewing machine makes a long row of perforations - if they are all
> >bursting the *same* thread, then you might as well say "tear down
> >the dotted line..."
> But does the needle actually cut the threads of the cloth?


I've just scanned through images.google.com trying to find an image
to show you, but without success :-(

The hole made in the Nylon/Polyester looks kinda like a gunshot through
steel.  Perforation is a suitable description.

But this is difficult to see, so check your observation.  When you
have witnessed a failed seam, what failed, the fabric or the thread?

Interestingly, it seems that I am unable to simulate the failure of
a seam on the bench.  If I take a bit of fabric, sew it and try
to burst it in my hands, the fabric deforms severely before failing.
When I look at seams that have failed in actual use, the fabric is
*not* deformed - it just rips cleanly down the dotted line.

Andrew Beattie

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