[balloon-makers] Seams and stitches

Donald L Piccard balloon at juno.com
Mon Jan 28 06:31:50 CST 2002

The needle may go between threads or through them on occasion, but it
always cuts to coating.  The choice of needle is relevant.  You will use
different needles for silk, leather, and even plywood.  The size of the
needle makes a big difference.  The needle size should be chosen with the
size of the thread.  Big needles are easy to thread, but that may cost

If you are sewing onto a single layer of fabric you may need a backing
piece.   If you are making a loop for a steel cable, you should have a
LOOSE piece of backing as chafing gear.  (Sew one end in place,)

If you are tearing the cloth, use lighter thread and needles.  If you are
breaking the thread, use heavier thread.  If you are falling out of the
sky, stay on the ground.

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