[balloon-makers] Seams and stitches

Bob LeDoux bobledoux at proaxis.com
Tue Jan 29 18:57:33 CST 2002

Don, you live up to your reputation.  My wife Mari, and I, have gone to a
number of Scott Spencer's Boise River Festivals.  I remember three years
ago, the impact you had flying gas.  You were a real gas.  At the Saturday
formal dinner, I couldn't get close enough to ask you a serious question,
with all those fine young ladies receiving your rapt attention.  I still
don't know how you managed to dance on that table, considering it only
stood on a single center post.  You are obviously a very stable fellow.

Best wishes--and a long life to you.

>I know you didn't intend, and if I was in a normal state of decomposition
>expected of one who has spent his time in this vale as I have, I wouldn't
>be using e-mail to talk to you.  I'd haunt your poor soul through the
>ages.  When I am actually duly gone my legacy will be all that is left.
>I would hate to have someone else take credit for one of my favorite
>In the best of spirit,
>Don "Mammary Gore" Piccard

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