[balloon-makers] Value of 112w140

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Thu Jan 31 18:58:20 CST 2002

I have found a 112W140 "in good working order" for 
$400 + shipping (approx $100). Is this a good deal? I am remote from the big 
city and the machine would be bought on the sellers word without an inspection. 
Any direct questions I should ask first. I hope to add a double needle to my 
stable so we won't have to do everything twice.My single needle machine is a 
Berninia/Chandler so I am unfamilar with the old Singer ( although I have read 
Bobs articles on the machine in BBJ ).If all goes well, purchase should 
take place in the next few weeks. BTW Bret completed one of the quick disconnect 
fueling hoses tonight. 
Fly safe,

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