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Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Fri Jul 5 08:36:42 CDT 2002

Kasey -

42,000 ft3 is a great size.  I have one and I love it.  It's very responsive
in flight and a joy to carry on the ground.  It's a little small for the
summer heat in Texas, but you can probably get away with it being a bit
further north.

As far as the shape goes, it probably comes down to personal preference.
The natural shape is designed to have zero horizontal stress, theoretically
making for a safer balloon.  From a construction standpoint,  I don't think
there would be an advantage of one over the other.  From a design
standpoint, it shouldn't make any difference either.  The natural shape is a
bit easier as Tom Deering and Bob LeDoux have put together gore pattern
spreadsheets for a natural shape balloon.  With a little effort though, you
could derive the Boland shape.  Let me know if you want help.

Fabric, if selected from an already balloon-approved list, also comes down
to personal preference.  Price, longevity, weight, easy of construction are
all factors to consider.  I'm starting to gear up for my first construction
project in a long time, and I've decided to go with 1.3 oz (on top) and 1.1
oz. (on the bottom) on a 90K.  All told, it will weigh in around 100 lbs.
>From what I can see, this material will cost more than 1.9 oz. fabric and it
may not last as long.  But for me, it's the right choice.  Also, this will
be my first bulbous gore balloon project.  I'm building a 1/10th scale model
right now to get the hang of working with bulbous gores, diagonal cuts and,
of course, to check out the pattern.

I see you are off to balloon builders camp next week.  Say hi to my daughter
Alex, who will also be there.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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 When and if I ever try to build a real human-passenger carrying balloon, I
thought a 42,000 balloon would be a good size to be able to fly year-round.
I do have some questions about the balloon.

Should I use the Boland Sphere and Cone, or the Natural Shape? The Natural
Shape seems to be much more appealing to me, but what would be easiest or

I have been looking at Jon Rodowski's 42k, and it looks great. I like mostly
the split-gore with load tape down the center look.

Whats teh best weight of fabric to use? Is 1.9 oz too heavy, should I use a
combination of 1.9 in the bottom and 1.3 silicone in the top? 

Any info would be great.


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