[balloon-makers] users to be deleted/rejected

David Barker dbarker at club-internet.fr
Fri Jul 12 10:06:17 CDT 2002

Hi Tom

Yeah I know there's a lot of work.  You should be making your balloon not
working on the list!  Since I don't want the list to stop due to time
pressures on you I give some suggestions.

First comment, Dave Temple on the main balloon list has been dumping
bouncees for some time now.  I think he allows a certain number of bounces,
possibly 10 before, dumping.  Personally, I think 1 is too few because a
server may be down but 10 is too many.

Next suggestion, which I am sure you have thought of so don't jump on me,
can you automate the process a touch more?  I note you are using a very
recent version of iPlanet Messaging.  I think Dave uses Majordomo software,
another list I subscribe to uses Listar.  Both these lists have 1000 or so
subscribers.  But maybe this software costs and that's money that should go
into your personal balloon building not software.

On to number 3 suggestion.  Yahoo now will host lists with a moderator
controlled membership with messages and the message archive only available
to list members.  WRBBAC has about the same number of members - 105 - as we
have.  Give it a test!  Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and try to get into
WRBBAC.  BUT DON'T MENTION MY NAME!   I only got in because I know the list
moderator and I want to stay subscribed.   (WR = Western Region, BBAC is
British Balloon and Airship Club)

By the way, please don't everyone try it,  or it might drive Jeremy nuts
even though the process is more or less automated, the first auto response
to a request for membership says basically but nicely that the list is not
of interest to anyone living outside the Bristol area in the UK and is
limited to members of WRBBAC but if you are a member you can write again but
to a different address.

Best regards

David Barker
Villiers le Morhier

Last updated 17 May 2002

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> We have nearly eighty members right now.  While I'm thrilled that so
> many people are interested in hot air balloon building, it is
> difficult for me to maintain this list due to the growing numbers.
> Please note that, from this point forward, I will delete any member
> of this list whose email address stops working.
> If this happens to you, please contact me when you are working again,
> and I will put you back.
> Since I started this list last year, I have received thousands of
> bounced message, and they are a hassle to deal with.  Please forgive
> me for any inconvenience.
> In a related matter, I will be more selective about the people who
> get added to the list.  It is common for people to join on a whim,
> and unsubscribe again in a few weeks.  If you recommend this list to
> someone, please tell them to mention your name.
> Warmly,
> Tom Deering, List Mom
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