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Gary T. Moreau bg300 at freenet.carleton.ca
Mon Jul 15 05:47:54 CDT 2002


Mike said it all perfectly, your hard work has been greatly appreciated. 
  Hoping you might reconsider.  If you can't, then thanks again for a 
great run.  As with Mike and many of the others on this list, I've also 
learnt much from the open sharing that I've found by the list members. 
It's too bad that a good thing has to be spoiled by some less 
appreciative persons ( persons is a more than polite word for what 
should be there!!! ).

Gary T. Moreau

Mike & Tammie wrote:

> Tom,
> We think you have done a great job with the list and thank you for all the
> time you have put into it. We will miss it greatly. It was a good source of
> information for balloon builders, and a great place to exchange ideas
> without tying up bandwidth of the other list.
> For those who think you did a pitiful job, we have a few choice words for
> them.... but they are not proper for a family oriented list.
> Thanks again for your efforts, they were greatly appreciated by most of us!
> Mike & Tammie Lavoie
> Milan, NH
> N678TM "Fugly"
> Ps. Is there anything that would get you to change your mind??
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>>> You must be doing something wrong ...
>> I received a heap of critical personal messages on this topic.
>> Obviously my pitiful efforts have fallen short.  Therefore, I will
>> stop supporting this list as of August 1.
>> I deeply appreciate the contribution of several list members, who
>> have given us all so much useful information, and a wealth of
>> knowledge difficult to find elsewhere. I am personally honored that
>> they answered my questions and explored ideas with me. I have made
>> some warm friendships on this list, and I hope these friendships will
>> endure.
>> Respectfully,
>> Tom Deering
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