[balloon-makers] this list closing

hotairflyer hotairflyer at lycos.com
Mon Jul 15 08:04:37 CDT 2002

I applaud your hard work, thanks for giving it what you did, I will miss it. 

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 14:18:46  
 Tom Deering wrote:
>>You must be doing something wrong ...
>I received a heap of critical personal messages on this topic.
>Obviously my pitiful efforts have fallen short.  Therefore, I will 
>stop supporting this list as of August 1.
>I deeply appreciate the contribution of several list members, who 
>have given us all so much useful information, and a wealth of 
>knowledge difficult to find elsewhere. I am personally honored that 
>they answered my questions and explored ideas with me. I have made 
>some warm friendships on this list, and I hope these friendships will 
>Tom Deering
>smile at deering.org    http://www.deering.org
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"Balloon-makers" is archived at http://www.hombc.org/balloon-makers

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