[balloon-makers] this list closing

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Mon Jul 15 08:49:16 CDT 2002

> Obviously my pitiful efforts have fallen short.  Therefore, I will
> stop supporting this list as of August 1.


Absolutly not. You are *FAR* from falling short as the list admin! I totally
understand how overwhelming managine a list can be, having maintained
several lists myself in the last ten years. It takes time and effort to take
care of it.

If your need is to step away from list admin duties, but you still desire to
keep the list, then let us know. If so, I'll volunteer my time and energy
into maintaining the list.

I also understand that having the mail list hosted under your own domain
name, you probably are paying for the bandwidth the mail list uses. If this
is also a factor, I think we can find some members on this list willing to
provide some annual donations. The days of piggy-backing a mail list on a
corporate or educational server are coming to an end. Unfortuanatly, I
despise seeing the "flash in your face" yahoos (literally) monopolize this
area. For one thing, I prefer giving out my email addresses to someone who
has no interest in marketing! I'll gladly donate money for bandwidth and
equipment costs to keep the ads and spammers away.

In any event, many thanks for the list you have provided. It is exactly what
the homebuilding community has needed since Bob got tired of publishing the
Balloon Builders Journal several years ago. Things like this certainly take
time, energy, and money. Unfortunatly there are some that refuse to
understand this and just like to complain. To them, I say they should be the
first addresses unsubscribed along with the bounced addresses :-)


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