[balloon-makers] list closing - alternatives - please stand by

Bill Whelan bwhelan at sprint.ca
Thu Jul 18 11:34:03 CDT 2002

OH sure now you tell me???

All I need now is more spam

signing up was more time consuming than anything else....
I'm not sure of how to post yet ???

I like the way that Tom had the e mail sent out as soon as it was posted....

My 2 cents

wild bill EH!!!

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> At 10:00 AM 7/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have set up a new Yahoo group called balloonmakers.
> Looks like there may be an even better solution in the works.
> So people may want to refrain joining the Yahoo group until Friday.
> Please stand by.
> Dan Nachbar
> balloonbuilder at mojotron.com
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