[balloon-makers] shredded thread

Don Piccard DonPiccard at usfamily.net
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Try putting little piece of urethane foam in the loop where your thread
comes off the cone and keep it wet with oil or silicone spray.  Sailmakers
told me to use right twist thread on that side, but I never got any.

Tension may be too high.

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> Hi evereyone,
> Sewing machine problem.
> I have a juki LH 551 double needle machine. It sews very well Except I am
> having trouble with the thread being shredded.
> I use a #69 left twist and am currently running a number 18 needle, sewing
> some webbing together.
> This problem mostly happens with the right side needle, but some times it
> will happen on the left as well..
> It seems that the outside thread unravells or is shredded between the
> opening and some where above just below the pulling arm (for the thread)
> that moves up and down real fast.....
> I hope this is not to confusing as I sure am lost>>>>.
> I also had this problem when sewing velcro.
>  I thought it was the velcro  with those little hooks causing the problem.
> NOT. I guess at this now.
> So to para phrase what the F!%^ is going on????
> Is it my tension as I surly am getting to wound up over this....
> is it the wrong thread for the needles.....
> is it:    I KNOW  <> JUST ME???
> wild bill EH!!
> cold today - 11
> and going to + 11 on sunday there goes our windiow,
> with our pilot who was supposed to fly our record attempt this week is
> SICK>>>
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