[balloon-makers] shredded thread

Bob LeDoux bobledoux at proaxis.com
Tue Mar 5 17:06:02 CST 2002

Make certain your machine is properly threaded at the needles.  Most
machines have a guide at the bottom of the  needle bar, right where the
needles mount.  That guide is a hole or ring through which the thread
passes to keep it in close contact with the needles.

Thread choice is important when sewing balloons.  I prefer to use bonded
thread just because it holds together better.  It does  make bigger knots,
however.  Some manufacturers prefer unbonded thread which is more likely to

Also note that the any point on the thread passes back and forth through
the needle eye 8 to 12 inches for every stitch.  The takeup arm movement
creates that amount of movement so the thread can pass around the bobbin
case to create a knot.  To survive that passage over and over again, before
it is finally embedded in a stitch, a top quality thread is called for.
Don't buy the cheap stuff.

>On 3/5/02, Bill Whelan wrote:
>>It seems that the outside thread unravells or is shredded between the needle
>>opening and some where above just below the pulling arm (for the thread)
>The thread on my machine does a lot of moving back and forth, at
>least 7 cm.  So the place where it seems to shred may not be the
>place where the thread is actually being damaged.
>After playing with the hooks, I noticed how much the thread seemed to
>move around.  So I put a dark dot on the thread, and was amazed.
>>cold today - 11
>>and going to + 11 on sunday there goes our windiow,
>>with our pilot who was supposed to fly our record attempt this week is
>Geez, that stinks.  No other chances this winter?
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