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Roland Escher rescher at rescher.com
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Being a Swiss citizen, I have always been a big fan of Flytec 
instruments. There is also a second Swiss vario maker named Aircotec. 
Aircotec spun off from Flytec when one of the co-founders wanted to 
incorporate more functions while the other wanted to keep the simple 
and efficient design of the Flytec series. However, I don't think 
Aircotec instruments are available in the US.

As far as Flytec instruments are concerned, I went for a 3040 Balloon 
Pilot while I was still making decent money in New York. (Now that 
I'm a student again I can't afford anything :-P ). I haven't had a 
chance to install it in my Cloudhopper. But it's an excellent and 
very sensitive instrument. It reacts when I crouch down or stand on a 
chair. It is very easy to use, even with gloves. There are redundant 
batteries. The analog vario display (round on the 3040, vertical bars 
on the 40xx series) is very easy to read and beats any digital 
display. The programmable audio feedback function is very useful when 
you are landing and can't look at your instrument but still want the 
benefit of vario information.

As for which model to choose, even the simplest model is an excellent 
choice. From what I can tell, the only advantage of more expensive 
models are a PC interface, GPS integration and sophisticated 
barograph functions. Unless you plan record flights, the 4005 should 
be just fine and certainly offers the best value. The 4030's glide 
ratio function would presumably be useless for a balloon.

Give Steve Kroop at Flytec USA a call. (Tel: 800-662-2449, tel: 
352-332-8675, fax: 352-332-8676, e-mail: usaflytec at aol.com.) Flytec 
USA definitely sells its instruments directly and he may be willing 
to cut you a deal.

Buoyant regards,

>I've been looking at the Flytec hang gliding instruments as a possible
>package for hot air ballooning.   http://www.flytec.com/   Does anyone have
>experience using these units?
>Since we've figured out how to make a $40 remote temp gauge, there's no
>reason to spend the big dollars on a 3040 Balloon Pilot , although it is
>very sweet.  I'm looking at the 4020XL as the unit that fits my needs.  Does
>anyone know where you can buy these at a discount to the suggested retail
>price?  I've done a few quick searches on the web and come up empty. 
>Good Floating!
>Greg Winker
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