[balloon-makers] Boland plans and more and more

Mike & Tammie skyfun at ncia.net
Thu Mar 7 03:51:18 CST 2002

Now that you have come down from your milk crate 
(much more useful than a soap box) I have another POP QUIZ for anyone to 
answer. (by the way I agree with you about the use of Boland plans)
Is there going to be an Experimental Meet anywhere 
in the northeast this spring? The person who comes up with the correct answer 
(it should be YES), please let the rest of us know when and where.
Thank you,
Mike Lavoie
N678TM  "Fugly"
You may all now resume sewing..... 
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  Bill and Curtis: I'm glad both of you set the record straight. And I'm 
  glad that we're all in heated agreement.
  I'm glad I added a little qualifier before I stepped on my soapbox. But 
  I'm still embarrassed for letting my uptight streak come up like that. I've 
  seen Bill's beautiful balloon (and kickass undercarriage) many times and 
  should have considered what shape it is.
  I'm glad my point was obvious to those who triggered it. I hope an 
  important point was raised for those who hadn't considered it.
  Pop Quiz: Once you get your foot in your mouth, is it easier to pull it 
  out or to bite off and chew? The answer is: Don't worry about it and go build 
  a balloon. ;-)
  Safe landings,
  Balloon plans, FOR THE 
  The plans that I am loaning to 
    curtis are my own.... I calculated and constucted everthing from scratch. 
    they are a natural shape 42,000.
  no harm 
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    Note that this is a general comment that is not directed at 
      Bill (or anyone else) personally. I also have no doubt that Curtis will 
      purchase his own set of plans directly from Brian.
    I don't mean to be anal, but I think we owe it to Brian not to 
      pass on his plans to third parties. Brian has spent a lifetime perfecting 
      these plans, and they're not expensive compared to plans for fixed wing 
      airplanes whose copyright licence only lets you build one example of the 
    Regardless of whether Brian has included the legalese for this 
      or not, I think each of us should buy our own plans. Brian (and Louise) 
      has been more than generous to all of us who have attended the annual 
      Experimental Balloon Meet. Brian has contributed immensely to the 
      experimental ballooning movement here and abroad. It's only fair that he 
      receive compensation for (each use of) his plans.
    Gentle winds and happy building,
    (off my soapbox again)

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