[balloon-makers] Boland plans and more

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Thu Mar 7 07:14:36 CST 2002

Hey Roland,

No need to be embarrassed in my opinion. It was clear you wrote nothing

By the way, I appreciated all the responses your email generated. Both
the responses that clarified the situation and those who supported you
regarding the protection of other peoples plans. It certainly reinforces
the fact that this is a great group. It's one of the things I've really
liked about going to Vermont and hanging out. I don't see any
competition, but rather some very creative people helping each other out
where they can.

In today's world, I find the cooperation on this list encouraging :-)


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From: Roland Escher <rescher at rescher.com>
>I'm glad I added a little qualifier before I stepped on my soapbox. But
I'm still embarrassed for letting my uptight streak come up like that.
I've seen Bill's beautiful balloon (and kickass undercarriage) many
times and should have considered what shape it is.

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