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I do not think that a balloon of that volume is suited for a cloudhopper lower-end. I think a balloon with a volume of 45,000 to 60,000 cuft would be better suited for a 2 person cloudhopper. Since the balloon is porous, it would probably fly very "sluggish", or the fabric would be very loose around the mouth and lower portions during flight. $500 is a great price. But FireFly balloon have 3-point hook-ups and I'm sure you are probably building a 4-point hook-up. So there are many things to consider before you buy an envelope. 

Soft Landings!

--- "Geoff" <cyrano at atlantic.net> wrote:
>Hi, i'm new to the list and ballooning.  i am building a two seat generic
>cloud hopper type lower end.  i don't have the time to build an envelope.  i
>do have a chance to buy a FireFly 70,000+ envelope with nomex skirt and
>envelope bag.  The owner says it will pass annual but is porous and requires
>more fuel to operate.  The total price is $500.00  USD.  Questions, is it
>feasible to mate the above envelope to the cloud hopper type bottom end for
>tethered flightor free flight?  [i will be receiving flight
>instruction.]Does the envelope price seem reasonable?  What should i look
>for/avoid when i inspect the envelope?   Thanks, geoffrey roberts, Crystal
>River, FL, USA
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