[balloon-makers] Terminal Descent with a Big Mouth

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Fri Mar 8 12:34:57 CST 2002

If you want to see a "wild" terminal descent, check out Phil's web page
for a quicktime video of his flight to 32,000 feet. He had the vario
pegged at -2500 fpm. Best I could figure is he averaged -2600 fpm over 5
minutes (that was between APRS updates). Watch the horizon. The basket
was no longer hanging straight below the envelope due to the 3-4 RPM
rotation of the balloon.

His web page is at:


Four minutes of a 12 minute documentary that chronicals my recent
balloon flight to 32,00 feet.  The air temperature was 55 degrees below
zero, and I was in an open wicker basket.  We are trying to figure out
how to get the whole 12 minutes to play without losing audio sync
(compression gurus, please help!!)
The extended version has some great flight footage showing my silly
attempts at a relight while passing down through 29,000 feet.  The file
is big, so if you have a modem, be prepared for about 20 or 30 minutes I
would guess.

After seeing this, I was glad I didn't go along for the flight. I'd have
lost my lunch for sure.

There are other entertaining videos up there too, including those of
Johnathan's tie dye balloons. I don't see a video of Greg's tie dye up
there, but he's been working on it


PS: He slowed down to a more normal terminal velocity once into thicker
air (more friction) around 20,000 feet. Until then he couldn't relight
due to the vertical wind because of the descent rate.

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