Dukakas, Swarthmore and flunking - was :[balloon-makers] Spelling

Bill Whelan bwhelan at sprint.ca
Wed Mar 13 08:47:09 CST 2002

Ok I know we don't usually send jokes around <<<<< but when it comes to
enginreer/// engiiiner/////
enginer//// OH you know the guy that doesn't drive the train, but has that
pencil and key pad thing... if the list does not mind I will post ONLY ONE

wild bill EH!!!

I couldn't help my self....

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> > I would like to apologize to Tim and the list for correcting his typo
> and starting this thread.
> No apology is needed. I thought it was funny. Everyone knows enginers
> can'nt spel!
> Tim (who also failed integral calculus)
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