[balloon-makers] Porosity

Micki Killingsworth micki at balloonrepair.com
Fri Mar 29 06:31:36 CST 2002

There are at least 2 people who have been in the recoating business. Both 
have had success with their process. One lost his source for the product he 
was using last year. It costs around $1,000, and they say you can expect 
another 100 hours or so.

There have also been owners that have purchased and used the product on 
their own - and not had any luck with recoating. My guess would be that it 
wasn't done properly. You have to brush the coating into the fabric, stand 
the balloon up, and bake it into the fabric.

Obviously, not every porous balloon is a candidate for recoating. If the 
balloon has been flown in this condition, hot air has been rushing through 
the fabric. That causes the fabric to loose its strength. Extensive pull 
tests should be done on the envelope, pulling it to rip point to see how 
strong it is.


At 06:15 PM 3/27/02 , you wrote:
>Hi, what has been tried to reverse the problem of porosity?   i know if it
>was feasible someone would be doing it, but i find it hard to believe that
>there is no fix for such a common and expensive problem.  Just geoff <><
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