[balloon-makers] my project

Dan Nachbar balloonbuilder at mojotron.com
Wed Nov 6 09:17:22 CST 2002

There hasn't seemed to be a particularly good time to send out
this message, so for lack of a good reason, I invite y'all to take a
look at the website for my project: http://www.personalblimp.com/
Please don't be put off by the "corporate look" of the site.  Its primary
use is to convince vendors that I'm serious (Which in fact I am -- this has
been my full time work for the last year.)

In short, I'm building a hot air airship.  The goal of the work is to 
obtain silent,
steerable (please, no "flames" about how balloons are really steerable),
sustained, and affordable flight. To my knowledge, there is no existing craft
meets these requirements.

The most interesting feature of the design is the use of a rigid,
but foldable tension-structure frame to maintain the shape of the envelope
without super-pressurization via fans, etc.  That combined with
electric drive (i.e. electricity provided by a motor/generator today and
fuel cells when available) and burners engineered to produce something
less than a roar will hopefully do the trick.

As always, questions and comments eagerly solicited.

Dan Nachbar

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