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Paul Vincent Craven paul at cravenfamily.com
Wed Nov 6 13:44:12 CST 2002

What holds the load of the blimp?  I can see your design maintaining the
shape of the blimp, but I'm not sure what you attach the stuff on the
bottom to.

Paul Vincent Craven

>There hasn't seemed to be a particularly good time to send out
>this message, so for lack of a good reason, I invite y'all to take a
>look at the website for my project: http://www.personalblimp.com/
>Please don't be put off by the "corporate look" of the site.  Its primary
>use is to convince vendors that I'm serious (Which in fact I am -- this has

>been my full time work for the last year.)
>In short, I'm building a hot air airship.  The goal of the work is to 
>obtain silent,
>steerable (please, no "flames" about how balloons are really steerable),
>sustained, and affordable flight. To my knowledge, there is no existing
>meets these requirements.
>The most interesting feature of the design is the use of a rigid,
>but foldable tension-structure frame to maintain the shape of the envelope

>without super-pressurization via fans, etc.  That combined with
>electric drive (i.e. electricity provided by a motor/generator today and
>fuel cells when available) and burners engineered to produce something
>less than a roar will hopefully do the trick.
>As always, questions and comments eagerly solicited.
>Dan Nachbar
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