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Model Balloons - Kasey Blunist_2004 at ballooningmail.com
Wed Nov 6 15:08:02 CST 2002

Yeah I have thought of that road too... I have admired Jons work on his balloon for quie a while. So I may have to steal a few of his ideas ;)


--- Keith Sproul <ksproul at vger.rutgers.edu> wrote:
>Your ideas are very good..
>I have flown Jon's garbage can, which is very similar to what you say.
>Unless you LIKE doing wicker work, you might look into the garbage 
>can route first, and get the envelope done, then you can fly sooner 
>(and probably a lot cheaper too).  Then, after you have that done, 
>and if you STILL want to do the wicker work, you can do it at your 
>leisure instead of in a hurry to get in the air.
>The tanks fasten to the outside of the garbage can, and you stand in 
>it.. Works very nicely, and quite comfortable.
>At 14:46 -0800 11/6/2002, Model Balloons - Kasey wrote:
>>I have decided to scratch the idea of a 21,000 cuft balloon or 
>>anything close to that volume. Instead I am now planning on a 42,000 
>>cuft balloon.
>>My thought was to build a smaller wicker basket about 30" X 40" or 
>>so, and have 2 - 10 gallon Worthington's on the 2 shorter sides. So 
>>when I build the basket, it would be large enough to have the 2 
>>tanks inside the basket and enough room for myself also, but only 
>>when I fly by alone, (which will probably happen more often than 
>>not) and then have the tanks on the outside when someone goes with 
>>Anyone have any pros/cons about this idea?
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>ksproul at vger.rutgers.edu	732 821-4828

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