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David Barker dbarker at club-internet.fr
Wed Nov 6 15:12:47 CST 2002

> My thought was to build a smaller wicker basket about 30" X 40" or so, and
have 2 - 10 gallon Worthington's on the 2 shorter sides. So when I build the
basket, it would be large enough to have the 2 tanks inside the basket and
enough room for myself also, but only when I fly by alone, (which will
probably happen more often than not) and then have the tanks on the outside
when someone goes with me.]

That's the size of my basket.  No problem 2 people 2 tanks inside.  I have
flown 2 tanks 3 people but that was a squeeze!  OK if one of us had been a
girl :-) I put the 2 tanks on a longer side.

Best regards

David Barker
Villiers le Morhier


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