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Thu Nov 7 20:32:18 CST 2002

I had another thought about the vent line configuration. What I would do is run the vent line up  one side of the balloon through a pulley, then through another pulley at the parachute, then back down to the other side just like a Cameron. But instead of tying the line off there, it would continue on down the opposite side it went up, and both ends of the vent line would attatch to the burner frame.

My thouhgs for this is that it would still be an easier pull, but you would be able to access it from both sides of the basket. Just leave about 6-7 foot extra line so that the end/side you are using will be right there.

Any thoughts...?


--- "David Barker" <dbarker at club-internet.fr> wrote:
>> My thought was to build a smaller wicker basket about 30" X 40" or so, and
>have 2 - 10 gallon Worthington's on the 2 shorter sides. So when I build the
>basket, it would be large enough to have the 2 tanks inside the basket and
>enough room for myself also, but only when I fly by alone, (which will
>probably happen more often than not) and then have the tanks on the outside
>when someone goes with me.]
>That's the size of my basket.  No problem 2 people 2 tanks inside.  I have
>flown 2 tanks 3 people but that was a squeeze!  OK if one of us had been a
>girl :-) I put the 2 tanks on a longer side.
>Best regards
>David Barker
>Villiers le Morhier

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