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Thu Nov 7 23:26:04 CST 2002

I've got a thing against pulleys in small balloons. Maybe it's just a
personal vendetta, but who knows.

My 42k has a 14-foot parachute opening (which gives me a 16-foot+
diameter chute). I've got a straight-pull vent line, and it requires
very little effort to get the parachute all the way down into the
envelope. I don't see the need for a pulley system in balloons up to 65
or 77,000 cubic feet, unless the parachute is abnormally large.

I fly Keith's 31k Sky Chariot occasionally, and it's got a pulley system
(the parachute is probably only 10-12 feet in diameter). Besides the
damn thing squeaking all the time because of a grouchy pulley, it can
sometimes fool you into venting too much, by the absolute ease with
which the parachute comes out of its seat. You've got to watch how much
ventline you pull out, since it doesn't really feel like your easy pull
is doing much of anything until you see yourself plummeting out of the

Perhaps it's just the extra loose rope with pulley systems that gives me
the willies?

In any case, I don't see any reason to have a pulley-assist vent system
in small balloons... I'd love to hear others' opinions on this subject.

P.S. - With such a small system, there's not going to be any difference
in which side of the basket the ventline comes down. You'll be able to
reach it from across the room =)

See ya,
Jon Radowski

Kasey wrote:
> I had another thought about the vent line configuration. What I would do is run the vent line up  one side of the balloon through a pulley, then through another pulley at the parachute, then back down to the other side just like a Cameron. But instead of tying the line off there, it would continue on down the opposite side it went up, and both ends of the vent line would attatch to the burner frame.
> My thouhgs for this is that it would still be an easier pull, but you would be able to access it from both sides of the basket. Just leave about 6-7 foot extra line so that the end/side you are using will be right there.
> Any thoughts...?
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