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Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Fri Nov 8 13:46:57 CST 2002

Don -

That's a really good bench mark:  "When you start seeing a lot of mysterious
holes appearing here and there,"

Years ago I had an old homebuilt that started to suffer from that syndrome.
The tear strength along the holes is not very impressive.  It's downright
scary.  But as you say, if you can get it inflated without having it self
destruct, it's probably safe to fly.  Now if you want a margin of safety and
want to avoid product liability lawsuits, you would behave like a
manufacturers and insist on a tear strength of 30 lbs. or more.

Regarding the faux pas, I'm not from Texas, I only live here.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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If you can inflate and launch, without tearing it,  it is probably
safe to fly.  When you start seeing a lot of mysterious holes
appearing here and there, it is time to figure that a new one is
easier than patching.

This doesn't count for holes with known causes such as trying to stuff
it in a bag while standing on it with high heels.  But you don't wear
high heels do you, John?

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> ...  Okay I'm getting lots of interesting ideas about
> when to retire a home built (or rather what/how to
> test for continuted use)...
> Seems to be that no one has put actual numbers to
> these test of porosity and pull tests.  Can this
> really be true ?
> I smiled at the idea of building another one before
> the old one(s) wear-out.  But how do you know when the
> fabric has had enough?  It would be nice to know this
> before making that "one last flight"...
> Can someone comment on actual "testing" they've done
> with fabrics like the 1.3oz silicone from Westmark ?
> Thanks,
> John
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