[balloon-makers] Guess number of Boland balloons, win a prize!

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Especially funny when one crew drove the picnic table to the store and told
them they were in a picnic table race from Maine to California bought
supplies and drove off. A while later another crew drove the table to the
same store and told them the same story and asked if they had seen any other
teams go by.....  Geeze, I miss going there each spring.

Mike Lavoie

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> Tim,
> Your forgot the most important vehicle in Brian's collection:  The
> motorized picnic table, of course!
> David
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> > That brings up a question.  How many airworthy envelopes does Brian
> Boland
> > have?  I've not had the chance to visit and see for myself.  Anybody
> have
> a
> > guess?
> >
> > Greg Winker
> That is the million dollar question, Greg. It's kind of like "guess the
> number of candy corn in this jar and win a case of beer".
> No one really knows - not even Brian himself. He starts out each winter
> at
> first snow attempting to count all the envelopes, but usually by the
> spring
> thaw he's forgot about counting and has built several more envelopes.
> Unscientific estimates are that the number ranges somewhere between 90
> and
> 130 :-)
> We do know that he has about 8 inflation fans of which between 2 and 8
> run,
> depending on how many Norm has gotten around to fixing on his annual
> visit.
> Why fix a fan when you can have a backup to roll out in seconds and go
> fly?
> Brian also has (had) 66 pairs of new Fiskars scissors (is that 132
> scissors?), 153 cases of good incandescent light bulbs (4 per case),
> about
> 20 fluorescent tubes, and around 40 clocks. Phil and I didn't get around
> to
> counting the dead light bulbs with the frowny faces drawn on them, but
> Brian
> did show us that along with his dead telephone collection (quantity also
> unknown).
> There's about 20 tanks (empty) upstairs supporting 17 manual
> typewriters.
> There are also 50 "come-along" wenches are also upstairs, but they exist
> more for holding the structure together than being a museum collection.
> Don't forget the 90-some crutches on the first floor emanating from the
> wall
> up over the ceiling, and the Christmas tree made from dozens of skis.
> Outside there are two antique fire trucks. Both run well. One is even a
> full
> hook and ladder truck with awesome siren! A third antique vehicle is
> halfway
> in and halfway outside the museum, with the outside wall built around
> the
> frame of the vehicle. Then the Chevy Astro van with the optional Viking
> Ship
> trim package....
> Oh, and one each of the following: dentist chair, urinal
> (non-functional,
> trust me here), and a genuine NASA space shuttle tire. really - they are
> upstairs too.
> It's all on the Vermont 2000 "VT2K" DVD, soon to be available at a
> Blockbuster video rental near you.
> Tim "SkinnyT"
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