[balloon-makers] 48k Balloon Project Status

Rat6666 rat6666 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 14 21:12:03 CST 2002

I also happened to run out of fabric today for my new 100k.
(So, technically, I finished cutting "all" my fabric too!)

Gotta get more orange...


Keith Sproul wrote:
> I have finally cut all of the fabric for my 48k green balloon.
> Actually, I ran out, but I had expected this, and have ordered
> silicone for the top couple of rows and for the parachute.
> The cutting table I made worked out great! I ended up being able to
> cut a full set of panels, which for a 16 gore balloon is 32 panels,
> in TWO hours!!
> I have now actually started sewing horizontal panels together.  I
> much prefer sewing to cutting.... :-)
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