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Fri Nov 15 21:17:51 CST 2002

Hi Keith,
I heard from Bernard (not on list) that you can get the same nylon rod from a company called Regel Plastics. They should be nation-wide. I've never gone to their store or ordered anything, so I don't know what exactly they have. But maybe you could make your own?


--- Keith Sproul <ksproul at vger.rutgers.edu> wrote:
>Does anyone have any of the Nylon Cameron support rods lying around 
>that they aren't using and would be willing to sell (cheap I hope).
> From the factory, they are $60 EACH, new..  I need 4 for my current project..
>I know I can use PVC pipe, and that is what I might end up doing, but 
>the nylon rods go INSIDE the tubes, and if you use PVC pipe, you have 
>to get it big enough to gout on the outside since the only stuff that 
>will fit inside isn't very strong.
>Keith Sproul
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