[balloon-makers] Cameron Support Rods

David Barker dbarker at club-internet.fr
Sat Nov 16 09:02:19 CST 2002

> T & C use Nylon, cameron uses something else,

It's my belief that Cameron use nylon 66 too.  Certainly they used to use
it, at the time when I was buying poles.

> the whole size is 1" the shaft dia. is 1 1/4 or 1 1/8... turn the ends to
> 1".......

If your tube is 1" diam then I would suggest you use 1" diameter rod.  Saves
turning it down.  There is 35% less material in a 1" rod so it is cheaper
than 1¼".  A typical 1" pole would weigh around 2lbs and a 1¼" around 3 lbs
so with 4 poles you have saved enough weight to take a bottle of champagne
with you which you can drink while you wait for your ground crew. Sure fire
way to get them there fast.  You have probably saved enough to pay for the
champagne, too, compared to 1¼".     1" is strong enough, it has survived
some very hairy landings in my 105 and later 120, never had a pole break.

If your tube is too long, or narrows at the end so that the pole would jam
in the tube, the answer is very simple.  You drill a hole through your tube
at the point where you want the rod to stop, and put a bolt through.

If you have several baskets and carefully measure the place for the stop
bolt on each basket, you only need shell out for one set of poles between
all the baskets.

If your tube is exactly 1" id and your nylon rod is exactly 1" you can take
the pole down a bit with sandpaper to make an easy fit. I used aluminium
tubes with around 1¼" id on my baskets so that there was plently of room. If
the tube got bashed a bit it didn't jam the pole.

While talking poles I never bothered with leg leathers, pole covers or
whatever you call them.  They are a faff to make they are a faff to put on
and they are a faff to take off.  They also cost money.  I suppose they tart
up the basket a bit but in 30 years flying without them no one ever has
remarked on the fact that I don't use them.  Nor have the uncovered fuel
lines ever been any problem.

Best regards

David Barker
Villiers le Morhier


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