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Sat Nov 16 11:47:02 CST 2002

U.S. Plastic has one inch rod "Natural Nylon 6/6" for $2.80 a foot.  I
don't know if there is a discount if you buy the whole 8 foot rod.  Still,
pretty cheap in comparison.  It's hard to find this item on their web site,
but they have it.  I'd post the URL, but it's a foot long.

The uprights I have seen all have the ends notched so they will fit into
metal tubing.  I have put a similar rabbet cut into one inch wood rods with
a table saw.  I set the depth of the blade to 1/16 or whatever.  The rod
has to be spun over the moving blade, then moved down.  The blade is
moving, but it's only sticking up 1/16 of an inch.

I've never cut nylon, but I've cut similar plastic on my table saw many
times.  Buy a couple feet and see if you can make it work.

It was slow going, but produced exactly the same end as I have seen on
nylon uprights.

Great posts in the last few days!


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