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Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Sat Nov 16 22:34:13 CST 2002

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From: "David Barker" <dbarker at club-internet.fr>
> > My opinion is based only on discussions with others about their flying
> > experience, but perhaps there is someone else on the list that can let
> > know if this is true or not.
> Whaddyamean?  If it's true or not?  I've been using poles like this for 20
> years.  USING for 20 years that is not just THEORISING about it.  Of
> it's true.

What I mean is I am not a pilot and I am not speaking (typing) of any
personal experience on this topic, only on what I have learned from others.
I am not a pilot, nor do I always crew for a balloon with nylon upright

>  The pole broke around
> half way up although you would think the weak point to be where the
> had been reduced.

Exactly, and this was the point of my email - you just wrote better English
than I did! I've been told by a couple Cameron pilots that the poles always
break where the diameter is reduced, therefore I would not reduce the
diameter of the poles and instead use a bolt through the tube. I cannot
testify that the poles do always break at this point, or even if they break
most of the time at this point.


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