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Mon Nov 18 14:20:55 CST 2002

In past issues of Balloon Life magazine in the Balloon Buyers Guide, Thunder & Colt has a triangle-shaped top pictured. I think its called Tri-Vent.


--- "Paul Vincent Craven" <paul at cravenfamily.com> wrote:
>>I know many home builders utilize the parachute tops
>>for ease of install and operation and just wonnder if
>>anyone has looked into trying to duplicate something
>>like the Cameron "Smart Vent".
>Whatever happened to that 'triangle' vent that used to be offered? I
>think it was about ten years ago or so. It looked simpler than the smart
>I like Don Piccard's idea of not tying the red line to the center of the
>parachute, but instead have it off to the side. I'd love to see if that
>works in practice.
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