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Micki Killingsworth micki at sydcom.net
Mon Nov 18 17:32:28 CST 2002

Okay... I can't stand it any more - I have to put my 2 cents in (and I 
certainly don't need to be replying to mail that might bring a reply to my 
mailbox because I'm a couple weeks behind in my mail already).

Yes, Cameron poles are subject to break, and yes, they almost always break 
at the point of the top of the basket stub. Cameron US will give brand new 
poles free to anyone who breaks one.

That said, I want to say something else... I fly a T&C, which has thinner 
poles. I wacked them SO HARD on my carport a couple years ago that I not 
only broke my tie-off strap that was holding my basket down, but also put a 
cut in my suede upright covers! The poles didn't break. I've seen these 
same poles distorted to over a 90 degree angle and never seen them break.

I have seen American built poles of the same nylon that broke for no 
reason. Please be careful when purchasing them, as you may not be getting 
what you think. I believe the UK built poles are superior to the US built 

Finally - those that live in the desert frequently soak their poles in 
water to keep them from getting brittle. PLEASE be aware that soaking poles 
in the winter can cause them to freeze if you have any moisture in them 
when you fly in freezing temperatures. They will snap in a second!


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